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北京赛车PK10投注:GF Innovation Fund manager Liu Ge 菘: A-share adjustment brings "on the train" opportunity

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内容摘要: Recently, A shares ushered in the adjustment after the rapid rise, as of February 9,Shanghai Composite Indexcumulative decline of 10.08%. W...

Recently, A shares ushered in the adjustment after the rapid rise, as of February 9, Shanghai Composite Index cumulative decline of 10.08%. With the adjustment of the stock market, the equity fund's net short-term retracement will inevitably occur. However, GF Innovation Innovation Fund Manager Liu Ge view it seems that some of the recent undervalued varieties were mistakenly killed, but its long-term trend remains positive, follow-up underevaluation varieties are still larger allocation value.

For the recent sharp correction in the stock market, Liugeng believes there are two main reasons: First, the small and medium-sized annual reports to reduce the performance of the notice, the expected poor lead to decline; Second, the market rumors Bank trust clean-up, the market there is some negative emotions. "At present, due to the recent rapid growth, good performance at the beginning of the year plates such as real estate banks, liquor and other began to take profits, the market is expected to shock up after the relevant pressures, the market in February spring market can Looking forward. "

There is also a lot of optimism about the A-share view of institutions. Haitong Securities Research Report Research Report According to the report, the forecast for 2017 Annual Report shows that the net profit of small and medium-sized motherboards and motherboards maintained a high growth, the overall performance of the GEM showed negative growth, and the performance differentiation of small and medium-sized and GEM increased. Thus, the market is expected to continue the value style, it is recommended to continue to adhere to the value of stocks, especially financial stocks. In terms of financial stocks, the report believes that the recent financial stocks rose sharply, short-term retracement is normal, the medium term is still optimistic about the financial stocks, especially banking stocks, upward earnings trends, low valuations, low fund allocation, cost is still good.

For the A-share market adjustment since February, Liu believes the adjustment is a good opportunity to "get on the bus." From the medium to long term perspective in two to three years, Liu Ge is very optimistic about the A shares. If there is a low point in the first half of this year, he may be a gold pit in the next two to three years. A shares will usher in a wave of longer Cyclical structured market.

Liu Ge optimistic about the opportunities for consumer upgrades. He said that S \u0026 T Electronics is a leader in investment promotion in the A-share market. In addition, he optimistic about the high-end manufacturing sector, that the plate recently been wrongly killed in the market, but its overall valuation is low, greater investment opportunities.





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