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北京赛车PK10开奖直播:The stock market is turbulent. The debt base has become a safe haven.

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内容摘要: 2018 has passed halfway, A shares began to be weak in February,Shanghai Composite Indexfell 16% in the first half of the year, the trend fl...

2018 has passed halfway, A shares began to be weak in February, Shanghai Composite Index fell 16% in the first half of the year, the trend fluctuated. The bond market experienced a "three twists and turns" rebound, the overall trend is upward, and the slow bullish atmosphere is full. It can be seen from the trend of the first half of the CSI Total Debt Index that the growth trend of the bond market in the first quarter was obvious, and in the second quarter, it fluctuated in the credit bond default. In the first half of 2018, the CSI Total Bond Index rose by 4.35% during the year.


The bond market out of slow cattle is mainly affected by macro factors. This year, under the uncertain factors at home and abroad, the main line of investment is to deal with risk events first. From the external environment, the biggest uncertainty is Sino-US trade friction. The repetition and twists and turns of the game exceed expectations. From the internal environment, the domestic uncertainty is mainly de-leverage, and the shed reform policy tightens, overcast, and RMB. Depreciation and so on. Under economic pressure, the market with higher security is favored, and the downward shift in risk appetite has promoted the rise of the bond market.

It is worth noting that de-leverage brings frequent credit risks. Bond slow cattle are more likely to be structurally slow, and the bond market is facing differentiation. interest rate debt and high-grade credit bonds are still the preferred configuration, while low-grade credit Debt still needs to be cautious.

For ordinary investors, the bond market investment threshold is higher, more through the bond fund to achieve the allocation of funds. In the bond slow cattle market, bond fund naturally also has a good performance. Wind data shows that as of June 29, 2018, the average yield of bond funds in the first half of this year was 1.53%, which greatly outperformed the equity funds -11.9% yield and hybrid funds -4.74% The rate of return, when the A-share turmoil, the bond market allocation value is prominent.


When choosing a bond fund, we may wish to pay more attention to the fixed debt base with both stable liquidity and high leverage. Debt-based debt is also a type of open-end fund, but it is not free to buy or sell on any trading day, but is open on a fixed cycle.

The rule design of the debt-based base allows the fund to maintain a relatively stable scale, reduce the liquidity impact caused by frequent redemption, and facilitate fund managers to invest in operations and obtain better returns. At the same time, compared with the leverage ratio of 140% of the ordinary open debt base, the leverage ratio of the open debt base can reach 200%, and in the bad market of the bond market, more extra spread income can be obtained. From the historical performance point of view, benefiting from the rule setting, the income from the debt-based base is generally stronger than the ordinary debt base.

The shock market relies on debt-based hedging, and the debt-based selection can focus on the debt base. Recently, there is a brightly-opened debt base - Tianhong Wenli Regular Open Bond (000244) opened on June 21, open until July 18. As a one-year fixed debt fund, during the closed period, the bull market does not have a large amount of funds to enter, and will not dilute the income. The bear market has no large amount of funds to redeem, and the overall income is more stable.

From the perspective of historical income and risk control, the performance is excellent. Take Tianhong's stable profit A as an example. Since its establishment, the annualized return has been 6.14%, ranking the first 1/4 (24/125) among similar rankings.


Tianhong's performance has also exceeded the average level of similar funds for a long time while exceeding the performance benchmark to obtain excess returns. Compared with the one-year fixed debts opened during the same period, the performance rankings of Tianhong has been at the forefront since its establishment.

Good performance is closely related to strict risk control. Tianhong Fund is the leader in financial technology innovation. In the field of credit bond research, there are three major technical blessings, namely the Hawkeye system, the pigeon system, and the financial abnormality diagnosis model. A valid early warning was made regarding the breach of contract.

Hawkeye System Early warning is to use the real-time crawling of Internet information, using intelligent machine segmentation, emotional learning and other machine learning techniques to achieve changes in bond entities, industry dynamics, bond conversion rate changes, bond level changes, company associations Real-time monitoring.


Pigeon System is for the investment intelligence collection push system. The system provides highly customized data to help users get accurate, multi-dimensional data in the vast ocean of data.

Financial abnormality diagnosis model is an analysis of the financial statements of the issuer and listed companies to expose financial whitewash and diagnose financial anomalies. According to the model, nearly 50 listed companies that were punished by the Securities and Futures Commission for financial fraud in 2010 were selected. 44 companies were able to give relatively obvious warnings before the CSRC discovered, accounting for nearly 86%.

In addition to technical advantages, Tianhong's stable fund managers are old drivers who have been in the bond market for many years. Among them, Chen Gang is Tianhong's fixed income director and deputy general manager. He has 16 years of experience in securities industry. Jiang Xiaoli has 9 years of experience in securities industry and has won the Golden Bull Award for many times. The investment pursues stability and does not take risks. Xia Wenting also has 7 years of securities industry experience.

With the continuous high innovation of the national debt index, the release of the news of the RRR cut pushed the bond market slower into the second half. The current policy and fundamentals are continuing in the direction of a favorable bond market, and the debt base has become a good choice for asset hedging. If you want to configure Tianhong to be profitable, add a solid balance to your investment portfolio, which can be purchased at bank , brokerage, third-party platform and Tianhong Fund official website. The opening period is until July 18.





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